General design and manufacturing

 API 609 category A/BS 5155/MSS SP-67

Valve face to face dimensions

Short wafer as per ISO 5752
Tab 5 & API 609 category A

Top Flange Drilling

ISO 5211 part II

Valve Inspection & Testing

API 598

Flange Standard conformity

ANSI 150,DIN PN6/10/16,BS10 Tab D & E

Technical Specifications

Valve Type

Centric Disc Design Butterfly valve with a single piece Rubber lined body

Body Type

Short wafer

Seat Type

Bonded for Sizes:DN 40-DN 300 & Replaceable
for Sizes:DN 350 – DN 600

End Connection

Wafer sandwiched

Size Range

DN 40 to DN 600

Pressure Rating

DN 40 to DN 600 – PN 16 (max.)

Operating Temperature Range

-50 Deg.C to 250 Deg.C (depending on MOC)

Seat Leakage

Tight shut off


Hand Lever/Worm gear box/Pneumatic/Electric actuator